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CORROCO International Industrial Co., Ltd (CIIC), a joint venture company set up by Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Changsha Engineering and Research Institute of Non-ferrous Metallurgy and CORROCO , is a professional engineering company engaged in Cathodic Protection, Non-ferrous Mining and Metallurgy. With its headquarter located in Changsha, the Hometown of Nonferrous Metal of China, CORROCO’s main business line involves Cathodic protection technology and sacrificial anode, Rotary Kiln to enrich low grade ZnO ore, Zn smelter technical improvement, electrowinning technical consultant, Pb alloy anode/DSA anode/Cathode for EW.

CORROCO’s technical team is comprised by 4 Professors and 10 senior engineers, who provides complete set of Nonferrous metallurgy R&D service and corresponding equipments design in the fields of Zn/Cu bearing ore pretreatment, leaching, purification, electrowinning and casting from 1991. In the past 10 years, CORROCO had successfully designed several Cu/Zn smelters in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa , and provided main equipments for them. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, CORROCO was the only company from Asia who was invited to attend International Copper and Zinc Conference to show its technology and service. In 2009, the world biggest anode company INPPAMET set up a joint venture Pb anode manufactory, whose name is PREMCO, with CORROCO in Changsha, . With an investment of 7 million USD, PREMCO is now the most advanced and modern anode factory in Asia to provide high quality big Pb alloy rolled anodes for Nonferrous electrowinning projects in both domestic and overseas. What’s more, CORROCO’s DSA(dimension stable anode) anode is gradually adopted by customers all over the world.

In the field Cathodic Protection, CORROCO is world leader and pioneer to provide complete series of sacrificial anodes as well as designing and engineering service. CORROCO’s CP anode facilities include: 1) Casting factory to produce SiFe anode(20000unit/a) and special type anode(2000tons/a); 2)Mg anode factory(3000tons/a); 3)Zn/Al anode factory(5000tons/a) and 4) a Joint Venture MMO factory. In 2004, we designed the biggest Mg anode, which is about 1500kg/unit, for ARAMCO’s ocean platform protection. As member of NACE(national anti-corrosion engineers), CORROCO attended NACE’s trade show for more than 8 years. Up to present, our customers and cooperators include: ARAMCO, BP, KOC, OIL, BOEING, SNGL and MOBIL etc.

Technology, credit, co-win is our always tenet. When you talk about Cathodic Protection, Mining and Metallurgy, please remember CORROCO, we will provide you with our best product and service under a very competitive price!

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