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Zn metallurgy

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multi-hearth furnace

Rotary kiln

Zn EW workshop

Corroco is an active expert of Zinc mineral processing, Metallurgy and engineering, who can provide complete set of metallurgical R&D service, construction engineering and corresponding equipments for Zn bearing ore’s pretreatment, leaching, purification, electrowinning and casting.

CORROCO can supply the following technology and products for clients in Zn industry:

※ 1.General design of a Zn smelter, which include technical design and plant layout;

※ 2. mineral processing, to separate ZnS from ZnO/ZnS ores;

※ 3.Researching of Zn metallurgy proces, provide full set of Process flow;

※ 4. Engineering, include equipment manufacturing/installation/commissioning and frastructrion;

※ 5. Low grade ZnO ore enrichment by Rotary Kiln and Cl/F removing by Multi-hearth furnace;

※ 6. Comprehensive utilization of various wasted residue to recover valuable metal such as Co/Pb/Mn/Ni/Zn/Cu/Cd;

※ 7. Provide high quality Pb alloy rolled anodes and Al cathodes for Zn EW, and technical instruction of their utilization to guarantee the performance as well;

※ 8. Induction furnace for Zn melting to increase Zn direct recovery rate to >97.5% and improve the working condition;

※ 9. Electrolyte purification by Zn alloy powder;

With strong technology and rich experience in nonferrous industry, which is from designing, researching, equipments supplying and engineering, CORROCO can provide compeleted solution for any requirements you meet in Zn/Co metallurgy.
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